Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dawgman Radio - Oregon

SEATTLE - Out of the fog, and straight back in. At least that's how it felt Saturday at Husky Stadium, as all the potential for Washington to make its way back into the Pac-10 race and bowl contention were completely blown to bits by an Oregon team bigger, faster and better prepared. The Hustling Huskies of Montlake never quit, but there were times during the second half where it looked dodgy. Scott Eklund, Chris Fetters and Kim Grinolds of talk about the 43-19 loss to Oregon, how it all came about, and what it all means as the Huskies move into a bye week and realistically their last chance at bowl salvation with their next game at UCLA To listen to the podcast, click on the title link.

1 comment:

James said...

"Washington lost to a bigger, faster, better conditioned team"...

"No NO NO, I don't believe that at all".

"I refuse to believe that Oregon is that much better than Washington".

Still can't open your eyes to truth, Husky guys.

Just look at the entire body of work and quit trying use "the first half" excuse.

Oregon's pace completely wore out the Huskies. Oregon practices every day at an insane pace to be better conditioned than their opponent. It showed.

Listen to your was a "medium" sized team versus a "large".